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Educational Software Thread, Science Scope Datadisc PT in Technical; Hi anyone got Science Scope Datadisc PT to run off a file server ? or got the msi version to ...
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    Science Scope Datadisc PT

    Hi anyone got Science Scope Datadisc PT to run off a file server ? or got the msi version to install on a non CC3 network ?

    Thanks Andy

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    Re: Science Scope Datadisc PT

    No I haven't I did try, but as I have it on just a few machines I do a manual install instead.

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    *ressurrects thread*
    Is anyone having issues with this, laptops and usb-serial converters?

    We've got a problem where (at an undefinable point) either the data logger or the usb-serial converter will stop passing info from the probes (or the software is broken), which causes datadisc to lock up and freeze, rather than doing something sensible like saying "I've lost connection to that probe, do you want me to see if I can reconnect?" and then stop trying after 3 goes (or whatever).

    The same usb-serial converter works fine using those drivers on the same laptop for other purposes (say programming a switch) and Datadisc is picking up there's a datalogger of type $foo connected. And of course it works fine initially.

    Regardless of whether you're a student user, local user or local administrator, you encounter this problem.
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