Have just found out through Pearson Software Support team that Abacus Evolve I-Planner (the one that is a nightmare to install) is available online.

The software support chap I was dealing with said we could buy the online planner at a discount, as an existing customer. So I went back to our Maths Co-ordinator, who was not best pleased. He said Pearson had spoken about the online planner when he had purchased the CDs, that he hadn't been notified that it was now available, and that he had been told we would get the online planner for free as an existing customer.

So I went to the Pearson Education website (Pearson Schools - Teaching resources, textbooks, software and online resources for Primary and Secondary schools, FE colleges and trainers from Heinemann, Edexcel, Longman, BBC Active, Ginn, Rigby, Causeway Press and Payne Gallway.) and followed the link to contact a local advisor. I fired off a disgruntled email to her, and have just got back a reply to say we can get the upgrade for free. Apparently, we would have been notified of this by an email to the school office. Oh yes?

So anyone struggling with the CD install might be advised to contact their local advisor... Of course, I have yet to have a go with the online version - it may be as much of a nightmare as the CD version...