Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have a CC4 package or even CC3 package for AutoDesk Revit 2011? I've managed to package it up the best I can and it seems to install and works fine under the administrators account however when I login as my student account it seems to moan about the ADLM could not talk to service. I'm guessing this is just a permission issue however I'm trying to find out which permission is needed?

I've used process monitor to narrow down which paths are being run and which .exe are launching but still no luck.

Following error message:
Unable to initialize adlm
Internal error message: not enough rights to talk to service Error Code: 21

Then followed by:
Licensing System Error 10: Failed to start ADLM

We all know i cant give all the students admin access to these machines! Why don't AutoDesk document all the paths and what's required they must understand we need to have restrictions in place.....

Matt Gibson