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Educational Software Thread, Talking Word Processor in Technical; Our SENCO has asked me what I think of " Write:OutLoud " for a partially-sighted child (seems OK as long ...
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    Talking Word Processor

    Our SENCO has asked me what I think of "Write:OutLoud" for a partially-sighted child (seems OK as long as we provide a dedicated machine) and was wondering if anyone had used it or a (better?cheaper?) alternative.

    I haven't yet had a a chance to grab the teacher and ask what exactly the child's needs are - for instance, why this might be preferable to using Narrator - but just though I'd do a bit of background first.

    Pretty sure this is the same child who was provided with a laptop that they could use instead of reading from the SmartBoard, but who never used it...

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    The first thing i'd want to find out is "Can I select a British voice and does it understand British spelling?" The customer reviews on their website are all from American users. The most talked about software from last year's BETT was from Cricksoft, who make Primary and Secondary level talking word processors. Check these out perhaps: The online word processor with word prediction, speech and word banks.. They offer a single user 1 year or 3 year subscription, which might be better given the student's previous pattern.

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