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Educational Software Thread, Typing Software in Technical; Hi Not wanting to try and install Mavis Beacon teaches typing Network Version 15 from 2003 on Windows 7 32bit ...
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    Typing Software


    Not wanting to try and install Mavis Beacon teaches typing Network Version 15 from 2003 on Windows 7 32bit computers, apart from it's American and opens up in 16bit graphics

    does anyone use any other typing software for teaching RSA to yr 11.12&13's

    It needs to be networkable so teacher can monitor progress etc....
    It also doesn't need to be free.

    Had a good search on Google but cannot find anything that look suitable


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    I always liked Typing of the dead myself. Ok it’s more of a game but it keep the children interested, is challenging typing wise and has mini games focusing on your weak keys, accuracy scores, time trails. But I don’t think it was networked.

    For very young children there is “Type with Tizzy” We also use 2Simple Software - Making simple, powerful & creative educational software - 2Type

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    You could look at TypingMaster Online - they've added a junior course for 8-12 year olds, but it was already pretty customisable. Works best via an ActiveX on the desktop. The Web-console allows teachers to customise their courses and track progress - student details and report data are import/export via csv. We've used it for about 5 years and it's been no trouble at all.

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