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Educational Software Thread, Eclipse - Library Software in Technical; Have an afternoon booked in with the library (the joy) this afternoon, got a few questions if anyone uses it: ...
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    Eclipse - Library Software

    Have an afternoon booked in with the library (the joy) this afternoon, got a few questions if anyone uses it:

    They tell me a can export the new year into eclipse from sims? is this true because I cant find where?

    Also the online cating does not work, ive changed all the proxy details, just wondering if anyone had come across this before?


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    I had to change the proxy from 1.1 to version 1 to get the on line stuff to work. We use facility and MLS connect, but having looked at the import side of eclipse seems good. Tech support seem to know what they are doing as well.

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    We personally use MLS Connect (approx £75-£80 per year, not sure if they've raised the price from 1 1/2 years ago), which imports users from Sims automatically.

    However there is a way to manually import users via a csv file, quote from their KB (Article No. 1367):

    Importing The Data
    1. Open the Management page and select Database --> Intake from the menu at the top.

    2. On the right hand side press Import.

    3. select your Schools Management System from the list (If unsure, select Auto instead).

    4. Finally, press Browse to choose the pre-prepared CSV file .

    5. Select the Import and the system will begin to process the file.

    This will then search the existing borrowers list and try to find a match for any of the borrowers specified in the list and try to move them into their correct groups. If no matches can be found, it will assume that the borrowers are new students to the system and leave them in the intake table ready to be transferred.

    Hope this helps


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