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Educational Software Thread, replacement for virtual cd4 in Technical; We've been using Virtual cd 4 for years on an RM CC3 network. We're migrating off the RM system this ...
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    replacement for virtual cd4

    We've been using Virtual cd 4 for years on an RM CC3 network. We're migrating off the RM system this summer. What do those of you who are non-RM use as a virtual Cd application?

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    We have experience of another Virtual CD Solution [name escapes me at the moment]

    We paid a small fortune for it along with our [then] new network. It worked for one full day and that was while the engineers were on site tweaking it and persuading it to work.

    I still have an E-Mail somewhere that declares that the companies' 'Best Men' would be working on it non-stop until it works. Suffice to say that it did not work. I eventually scrapped the three servers [one original virtual CD servers and two replacements] and made one workstation for a member of the admin staff from the bits. Even that failed after a few weeks!

    I will try to remember to post the supplier of the virtual CD technology tomorrow [if my technicians think that we will not suffer a law suit for 'slagging off the company']

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    have you looked at daemon tools

    we use an avantis cd server

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    Network share. Disk files in share. Install. Is there still a need for CD servers? I retired my last one in 2001 and never looked back!

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    When we went win 7 we or I decided to not replace the virtual CD server, we had loads of old cd titles that would only work from a cd/virtual. I did not tell anyone and waited for the outcry, but it never came (backup plan was daemon tools). On a network you build up loads of apps some are only used for one term and forgotten about but still remain on the system. Take your opportunity to weed out these unused apps/old cd titles. Most software nowadays do not require the software to run from cd only
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