I'm trialling MediaWiki under Xampp on my workstation and attempting to get ldap against our servers working.

What I've got working so far is that unless there is a local user allready created you can't login via ldap.

However once you create a user called the same as your ldap username you can login.

The 2 can also have different password so if your ldap credentials doesn't work it will then try as a local logon.


username: bob
ldap password: help local
password: hero

Select domain logon but try the password hero and ldap bind fails so it logs in as local users.

Use domain login and correct password then ldap bind passes so it allows logon even though local account password is different.

What I want is for mediawiki to either create a local user for everyone that logs in via ldap or if ldap bind passes just allow that user access.

Any thoughts?