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Educational Software Thread, Listos install problem in Technical; I'm trying to install Listos to a win 2k3 box. I have managed to install the HMC and the content ...
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    Listos install problem

    I'm trying to install Listos to a win 2k3 box. I have managed to install the HMC and the content fine. When asked to select a sql server i have opted to install a local copy of MSDE instead. All seemed to be going well until I started to import the users. I have setup the csv file correctly but the import does not work, it keeps telling me it has failed.

    I think that it has something to do with the MSDE database because when I look at the little server icon in the bottom right corner it does not have the green triangle in it and when I look at the list of available servers to connect to this particular server is not listed.

    I have searched the net and was advised to type in "osql -E" at the command prompt to talk to the sql server but it comes back with "SQL Server does not exist or access denied"

    Has anyone come accross a similar problem? If so how do I fix it.

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    Probably well out of date, but I've just had this problem too so I'll post in case it helps anyone else.
    If your HMC is v1.0 (which is what came on my installation CD) ring Heinemann Digital Support (0845 313 8888) and ask them to send you v1.4. This fixed our problem.

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