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Educational Software Thread, LogIT Explorer in Technical; Anyone out there using Sherston's TAG Learning LogIT Explorer LogIT Explorer - Any feedback on it or recommendation one way ...
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    LogIT Explorer

    Anyone out there using Sherston's TAG Learning LogIT Explorer

    LogIT Explorer -

    Any feedback on it or recommendation one way or the other?

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    Have used them and they are OK, You really need to make sure you get a temp probe though as that way they can test insulation, water etc otherwise its just temp around the area to the LogIt itself. You can get Heart beat attachemnts but I would not bother as they are just topo fiddly to get working reliably (they clip on finger or ear), better to use a proper heart rate monitor. Attachements can also be bought so that they can set them up as a burglar alarm i.e. sensing light sets off a light etc, we have those but never had the chance to use them yet. Usually used tham around this time of year and got the kids in groups going around the school to find me the coolest, darkest and quietest spot for me to hide and have a good lie down, and they have to record their recordings on a map of the school (I kid you not!). Don't know if that really helps, but they are functional, but you need to have focused sensors i,e, a probe for light or temp, tubes to focus the sound sensors as just imagine doing these activities with a class full, whose reading are you recording etc.

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