(Logged in as a teacher) Activ Primary 2 is installed locally to teacher latops, but I have had 2 teachers report to me that the shortcut in Local Programs doesnt work;
'Error: Problem obtaining valid path for application' and shuts it down.

(Logged in as my network id or Home user) The program opens fine.

As a teacher, even if you browse the Program Files folder and locate the exe within it, it still won't run.

I have tried a repair and a reinstall, both having the same effect. Teachers are added to local admin group, and I have increases the 'Everyone' permissions to full access to the ActivPrimary2 folder and yet the problem still occurs.

I can include the debug script text if needed, but it realy doesn't tell you a lot.


A new NAS has been put in the school recently. Even though the installation was local, could the fact that shared resources browse the My Doc's (W Drive) on the network? - Would a new profile need to be added?