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Educational Software Thread, FlexiTree - anyone using it, can you recommend it? in Technical; Anyone out there using the FlexiTree software, rumaging through our archives I found a site licence for it here but ...
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    FlexiTree - anyone using it, can you recommend it?

    Anyone out there using the FlexiTree software, rumaging through our archives I found a site licence for it here but can't find the software - got a quote for replacement software and wondered if it would be worth shelling out the 150 or so to get it.

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    I've played with the trial and flexidata as well and have recommended that we get them for here. It's a great cross-curricula tool and that's the latest buzzword.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speckytecky View Post
    Anyone out there using the FlexiTree software
    I tried to get it working under Wine on our Edubuntu server - it seemed to load okay, but messed up when it got to its initial dialog box, which wound up set to 0 width so you couldn't read or use it. Is FlexiTree the only branching-database ressource out there? What is the typical lesson plan where a branching database is used? It's the sort of thing that would seem to be perfect to be done as a VLE-based resource - is there such a resource around, does anyone know?

    David Hicks

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    Have a look at Ask Oscar, much more child friendly and interactive. The kids I use it with just love it.

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