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Educational Software Thread, Resources for Nursery / Early Years in Technical; Hello All, Our nursery / baby unit (3 months to 4/5 years old) wants some educational resources of some sort ...
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    Resources for Nursery / Early Years

    Hello All,

    Our nursery / baby unit (3 months to 4/5 years old) wants some educational resources of some sort to use with the children. They still think in terms of CD-ROMs, as that is what they currently have, but I want to do a bit of an overhaul of their computer provision and get them using resources inside a VLE (Moodle 2.0).

    Can anyone recommend any resources for Early Years that we can get for free, either online or that we can import in to Moodle? Or can anyone recommend any paid-for resources that will import into Moodle 2.0?

    David Hicks

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    Our pre-school (3 months to school-age) has some old kit as stand-alones with various software installed on it. The machines are XP and have two users - an admin (password protected) and a restricted "Children" user. I have deliberately installed no Office software on these machines as they aren't on the network and don't have microsoft updates or AV.

    These machines do have children's mice as chosen by the department and kids keyboards.

    The oldest children do use the networked machines in our ICT suite (probably about once a fortnight in small groups - no more than 6 at a time) and usually use textease paint or CBeebies website using a Class logon.

    IWB materials are collected by Pre-School staff and saved in the resource area themselves for use with the children.

    In our setting, the HT and Head of Pre-School both feel that regular use of 'proper' computers doesn't fit with the EYFS curriculum... there's more to EYFS ICT than computers... they have TuffCams, BeeBots and the like as well.

    We must be doing something right, Ofsted gave us Outstanding for the Pre-School! (The main school is inspected by ISI)

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