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Educational Software Thread, Voice Recognition Software in Technical; I've been asked by one of the teachers what the chances are of getting some voice recognition (you talk it ...
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    Voice Recognition Software

    I've been asked by one of the teachers what the chances are of getting some voice recognition (you talk it types) software in are.

    My knowledge on this area began and ended with a trial version on CD on the front of a magazine c.1998

    Anyone out there use any in school? any recommedations?

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    My friend had to organize some voice recognition software for someone in his office and found that Dragon is the best available.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Product Suite

    Which version you buy depends on what you need it do and how much you have got.

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    How good do they need it to be, a passable version has been built into MS Office as an optionally installable component since 2003

    other than that Dragon Naturally Speaking is still the best as far as I know but it is not cheap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyRidal View Post
    I've been asked by one of the teachers what the chances are of getting some voice recognition (you talk it types) software in are.
    Slim. We've had a couple of threads regarding this in the past, see:

    Dragon naturally speaking

    Dragon Naturally Speaking seems to be about the only system that's currently available. It works, but is designed for office workers who log in to their computers once a day and have the time / patience / reading ability to be able to train the software to their voice. Children (especially the ones you'd imagine would find voice reconition helpful) log in and log out of machines every hour, making it hard to have 100MB of voice-training data follow them around in their profile, don't have time, have a tendancy to fidgit and can't read so well.

    I'm hoping someone gets on and writes a web-based system that can be used from inside a browser, takes audio via a simple Flash / Java / etc plugin, doesn't need training and returns accurate text in a reasonable time - I'd bet a system using the new NVidea GPUs would have the computing oompf to do it.

    David Hicks

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