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Educational Software Thread, NASA World Wind in Technical; Found this yesterday, havnt had a proper go of it yet but so far so good. Its like Google Earth ...
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    NASA World Wind

    Found this yesterday, havnt had a proper go of it yet but so far so good.

    Its like Google Earth but it also shows overlays of geographical events such as hurricane Katrina and the recent fires in Spain. Looks a realy good app for science and geography.

    Also includes the moon and mars.

    Ive added it to the essential software list (if anyone wants to re-catogrise it...)


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    Re: NASA World Wind

    sounds a lot like xplanet, which I have randomly scattered around with volcanoe, weather maps & satellite tracks.

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    Re: NASA World Wind

    I looked at that as Google Earth is a banned substance as its horrid, this did seem good but I push MS Virtual Earth / Live Local as its much quicker and doesn't require a software package to work.

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