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Educational Software Thread, Alice - run problems due to access rights. in Technical; Have a look at the info I found on the Alice support site......this is the issues I'm having but the ...
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    Alice - run problems due to access rights.

    Have a look at the info I found on the Alice support site......this is the issues I'm having but the replies tell you it can be fixed but does not tell you how!!! can anyone please help.

    Gallery viewer will not load at startup - Alice Community

    When I load alice I get the following error:
    "Unable to create the gallery viewer". This does NOT happen
    when logged in as an administrator but none of my students
    get to login as administrator

    Error details below:

    Unable to create the gallery viewer

    We had the same problem, but on our system it was caused by folder redirection pointing to a read only share.
    When Alice 2.0 loads it acesses the foloing registry key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\desktop
    If the path that is in that key points to an area that the users has no write permison then the Gallery will fail to load and the user will get a permison error when the user exits.

    Here how I have fixed it:

    My roaming profiles mean that my users will never have access to save things to the desktop, And all of my users are redirected to a single desktop area which is read only.

    Once my users have logged in, the desktop has been cached on the local machine. This allows me to change the relevant HKCU entry using a vbs script(mentioned above) and it won't affect the desktop for that session.

    It work like this:

    The alice shortcut points to a batch file (see below for why)

    The batch file runs a vbs script and then launches alice

    For some reason, using objshell.run to lauch Alice in the same vbs script as the registry change won't work, the registry puts itself right before Alice has a chance to run, and you end up with the smae error.

    If group policy refreshes during the login session, then alice is already running and doesn't care.

    On the next login, the registry key is changed back to a redirected share.

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    I was having this problem as well. There is a blurb near the bottom of the Alice 2.2 download page called "Using Alice on a networked machine" that details a change you can make to \Alice 2.2\Required\etc\version.txt that resolved this for me. Hope it helps!


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