Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how you can amend My Little Helpdesk so that you can get copied into the emails that get sent out to users.

Previously, when we were using the old version of 0.9.8, I would get copied into the emails whenever any new jobs were logged, updated or closed. It helped me keep track of which technicians were doing what and when.

We recently attempted to upgrade, but it went a bit wrong so we rolled back our upgrade. Some of the updates have stuck, which is fine, but I am now finding that I am no longer being copied into the emails that are sent out by the helpdesk. Instead, the technicians that have the job assigned to them are copied in when the job is updated, opened or closed. This is good in some ways, as it means they receive an email when I assign them a job, but it also means that I am not quickly aware when a new job is logged, or a job is updated or closed.

If anyone could help that would be great.

Deputy Network Manager