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Educational Software Thread, SAM Learning in Technical; Can anyone give me feedback (both technical and as a useful tool) please on https://www.samlearning.com/ we have it on a ...
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    SAM Learning

    Can anyone give me feedback (both technical and as a useful tool) please on https://www.samlearning.com/ we have it on a 2 week trial and I was trying to establish if folk on EduGeek rate it or suggest it's one to avoid!

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    We use it extensively here and I believe it's raised the levels quite a bit for a lot of students. I don't think you'll be able to tell much after just two weeks but out LT have deemed it worthy to pay for it for the past three or four years.

    Technically, it's not marvelous but it does now make adding users easier (don't attempt to add them manually since you have to setup all their groups and classes by hand and it's a right PITA). I upload a file from SIMS every week to sort out our movers and shakers and it works just fine.

    Hope this helps


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    since moving to a full https service sam learning is really poor speed wise. I wish they had a non secure version like before.

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