I know what you think I'm going to say but miraculously I got the floating license server working fine!
Only problem is that it now turns out that the DT dept. occasionally want to take their dept curriculum laptops off site and use Pro/Engineer where it won't be able to see the license server
(Rockingham Speedway for those who care)
So I though I'd put the floating license version on the image for the laptops then over-the-top install the stand alone license on those that need it, as and when
In testing it looks like it all works fine, even avoids re-copying all the files, the installer just talks about updating license files and goes through pretty quickly
Only trouble is that when you then run Pro/Engineer turns out nothing has actually changed - its still looking at the floating license server and still refuses to run if it can't see it
Tried a longer over-the-top recopying all files but that was no better
So does anyone know how to turn a floating license install into a stand-alone install without completely un-installing and re-installing?
Alternatively there seems to be a function in on the license server to set up 'license borrowing' but I can't seem to get that working either, half suspect that it may have been hobbled in the education version but can't find a definite answer either way - please help!
Hope that made sense!