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Educational Software Thread, Textease Studio CT in Technical; Hi, Does anybody on here have any experience with Softease Studio CT. If so how have you installed it on ...
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    Textease Studio CT


    Does anybody on here have any experience with Softease Studio CT. If so how have you installed it on your network?

    I have tried the way softease reccommends, ie Installing the whole lot onto a server, then running a local install at each machine ans installing the resources locally. This however on my network anyway is dreadful and the program takes forever and a day to load.

    I have also tried installing by sending round the msi file that i extracted from the textease .exe but it then becomes a pain to apply the regular updates that softease release.

    Any tips or ideas you have would be gratfully appreciated.

    Thankyou for yout time...

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    Re: Textease Studio CT

    Well round here few schools I work at have gone for it. Mainly due to the licensing cost. They find MS Office is cheaper.

    However, that said, at the couple of schools that have decided to buy it. The only way I could get it to behave was to go to each machine and install it locally manually. Not the answer you wanted I'm sure. But still, that's the only way I could make it work.

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    Re: Textease Studio CT

    I have a similar problem here in that the SEN team have only got ten licenses but the teacher wants it on every workstation in the school. Have told her that i can only put it on ten workstations but what she says is that it had been explained to her by the rep that we can have it on every workstation but only ten people can access it at one time duh!
    so i have suggested we put it on ten workstations in one of the suites which reluctantly she agreed to.
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    To answer the question of the thread though it's best if you install it locally.

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    Re: Textease Studio CT


    Textease Studio CT now supports MSI rollout this would be the way to go for 2k 2003 Servers and 2k XP clients.

    Get a new disk and rollout.


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    Re: Textease Studio CT

    Hi there I have a good experance with deploying it also if you contact there tech guys they will supply you with a msi to register once deployed. But you have got to have a site lic. or they will not give it to you. Also I know from experance there are a few issues with the speach and can cause pcs to freeze but a new version is out soon.

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