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Educational Software Thread, Not Enough Space!! in Technical; I'm trying to install Rapid Writing on the server on a mapped drive called 'CD Roms' The program tells me ...
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    Not Enough Space!!

    I'm trying to install Rapid Writing on the server on a mapped drive called 'CD Roms'
    The program tells me that there isnt enough space and I need about 800mb
    The mapped drive is one of 5 - mapped from data drive. The whole drive has 197GB free

    The stupid thing is, this is a reinstall and I havent installed anything else in the interim

    I'm sure the answer is simple, but it is Friday, I'm tired and I've just had my head bitten off by an irate DH
    Wasn't even my fault!

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    It definitely sounds like a permissions problem, either on the file system itself, or on the share.

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    Are you installing it via a mapped drive or directly on the server, some old installers don't seem to map the freespace correctly if going to a mapped drive. Depending on how old it is I would also check that you don't have too much free space on the drive, I have had an installer fail because it got confused by the huge (4GB) of free space and failed.

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