Hi. We have some really good maths software that are .exe's but created in flash. I want to make it work in SMART notebook so I've downloaded a exe to swf converter. Most of the programs work OK but quite a few don't appear properly. - To make them work in SMART you need to RH Click, go to Flash then Click Play.
The same thing happens when you attempt to view them in Internet Explorer (but here, there is no way of playing them.) I don't want to view them in IE, I was just doing it to test.
Is there any way of either:
- Making Smart play the files automatically.
- Changing the SWF file to make it play automatically. There are probably 100+ files so would prefer this was a relativly simple process. I don't mind paying a little bit (~£50 or so) but don't really want to shell out the $$$ for the full flash software.

I've tried 2 different exe to swf converters and the same thing happens.