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Educational Software Thread, Eclipse - Library Software in Technical; A TCP_MISS/200 is generated when the content isn't in the cache and squid has to go get it from an ...
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    A TCP_MISS/200 is generated when the content isn't in the cache and squid has to go get it from an upstream proxy/the origin server.

    A TCP_MISS/500 is generated when the origin server produces a HTTP 500 error message. Otherwise known as 'my cgi application broke'.

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    Cool, so it's their stuff not playing nicely rather than Squid mangling the request.

    Additionally, the helpdesk called me back and another school is having similar errors with their squid proxy. Developer is going to their site to investigate why - if you're that school I'd like to share notes.

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    So what are people's overall views on Eclipse.net? The posts in this thread are a few years old giving the system time to settle in and a more accurate view of the software. Our library is one of the few systems unlucky enough to still be using LIMES and we are looking at upgrading the software. Alice has been getting slated too much and we are starting to look at Eclipse.net now.

    Does it also work with credit-card sized printing on plastic too? They look much more professional then a few bits of paper stuck on a card and laminated and a lot less work to make!

    We intend to put it on a standalone machine but the viewing loans and catalogue information over LAN does sound tasty to our LRC Manager.

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