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Educational Software Thread, Surpass SecureAssess problems in Technical; Anyone else been playing with this software? e-Assessment solutions by BTL - SecureAssess - Assessment Delivery Been a bit of ...
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    Surpass SecureAssess problems

    Anyone else been playing with this software? e-Assessment solutions by BTL - SecureAssess - Assessment Delivery

    Been a bit of a nightmare since I started working with it a year ago, really doing my head in recently. Last month we had an update to their website, which caused the server-side software to break, so I couldn't log in. There was no obvious error report, so managed to sort it with the help of the prgrammers.

    Before that, have had major issues because of incorrect registry settings, which had to be found and updated by hand.

    Now, I go to load the software, and no ASP pages are working within it, at all. ASP working fine on the server otherwise. So I reinstall, check all ASP settings, nothing. It had been working fine, and this server is not touched for anything else.

    Decide to reinstall the software again, but on C:. It then decides to work and loads up, but now won't register the licence key, so it won't sync with the online servers. Finally got it working again, by reinstalling (for the third time today).

    We're supposed to be using this software for January exams, and it's taking more and more of my time - and the outages just seem to happen far too frequently. My hardware hasn't put a foot wrong here either Totally stressed out with it all.

    Just to add, there's not a single page online offering any support or solutions for this software, which is maddening! Tempted to make my own.

    Any other experiences?
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