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    Slow Responding SMARTBoard

    I have a strange issue with one staff laptop, and just wondered if anyone else has come across the same issue?

    When using the SMARTBoard to annotate or to go through slides on a PowerPoint presentation there is a huge delay. For example if you draw a line it wonít appear for approx 10 Ė 15 seconds. Same happens when you click the buttons to navigate through a PowerPoint presentation.

    Now I have ruled out an issue with the board itself as it is just as slow if you use the laptop itself ( removed a pen from the tray and then used the laptop touchpad to draw). Have also tried another laptop, and that works fine.

    So I am sure itís software related but I have reinstalled SMART Notebook once already and it seemed to cure the problem, but now itís back. The laptop is a year old Vostro 1510 ( 2Ghz C2D / 3GB RAM / XP Pro )

    Any suggestions?

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    Graphics card driver issue? Try a reinstall/update of that?

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