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Educational Software Thread, Music Classroom Software in Technical; Hi, I'm having all sorts of problems with a specfic piece of software used by our KS3 pupils in music, ...
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    Music Classroom Software

    Hi, I'm having all sorts of problems with a specfic piece of software used by our KS3 pupils in music, it's called Dance e-jay for schools, it's really flaky - it looses it's samples regularly, I've given up trying to run it over the network, it's installed locally and the only way I can seem to keep it fairly stable is by making the pupils power users.

    Is anyone else having this problem??

    What do other schools use in KS3 music (in KS4 we use Sibelius and Cubase).

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    doesnt work very well here, nobody can get sound on anything!

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    We have a mini music suite which is on an independant network. The computers there had Dance E-jay, Cubase and Sibelius (standalone) installed. After a review, we all agreed that E-jay was a waste of space and irrelevant to what he wanted to teach and I removed it. The ability to plonk samples ontop or next to each other wasn't the same as composing actual music. It was also riddled with issues, and seemed to conflict with Sibelius in some way in terms of drivers I think. But don't get me wrong, it has its values in school for quick music-making - just not a place in our Music department

    We also uninstalled Cubase, and now have a network install of Sibelius and that's what all key stages use for music composition. Sibelius is great, and we have very little problem with it. With midi-keyboards for each PC the students can compose to their hearts' content.


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    ejay for schools sucks for a school environment. We have it, cubase and sibelius.

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    We have ejay, Sibelius and Cubase.

    Sibelius and Cubase are monsterous applications but 100% easier to install than ejay.

    I eventually did get it work, just by running it directly via a network drive - but no idea how I did it as it never seems to work like that for anybody else.

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