Hello All,

Long time reader, first time poster!

We've got issues that we're finding hard to find a solution to.

We recently had a unify 35 shrot throw projector installed in place of out celing mounted one. This was done as the classroom above created enough vibration to make you fel sick if you tried to view it for too long.

So, The smartboard we have is a Smartbaord 660 coupled with this Unify 35, by Texas Instruments.

In theory all is well... In practice this is not the case.

The issues we have are as follows:-

1) You can't seem to remove the projectors OWN small menu from the screen, only move it from bottom left to middle left (Then only with fewer icons)

2) You need to oreint the porjector and baord (both units) at least every 15 mins otherwise the thing becomes so out of sync you can't use it

3) The menu buttons and volume buttons on the pen tray do not work at all

4) The input for things like VCR / DVD seems to only allow sound and no image.

5) Projector seems to go in to standby unless almost always being used.

So, I hear you ask, What have you done to try and fix??

1) I have carried out the latest firmware update on the baord and Projector = No change
2) Loosend the screws under the pen tray to help illiminate the kink on the board (this did help)
3) Made sure that the smart software was up-to-date

What do I have planned next?

I plan to prepare a new machine with nothing other than Smart software which will be updaetd untill it can't be done anymore and give this a trial. Although, I doubt this will help.

Sp, are there any known issues with the above equipment? The board is no longer in warranty with Steljes either!

Cheers All,