Has anyone been given these; 'Muslim Mosque', 'Christian Church' and 'What do we know about Jesus?'

They are resources but when I try and copy them to the network, the blasted things won't run.

I suspect that there is a known problem here as on the blurb it says: "All of our CDs are sold with site licences, so you do not need any extra permission to use the CD contents on a network. However, we DO NOT provide advice about network use."
The program is started with an Internet explorer file: Index.html as you would expect, and I thought it might be the path that was wrong once I put it on the server so I had a look at the code and modified it but it STILL doesnt work.
I know that isnt much info but initially I would just like to know if anyone has come across these discs and can help.
Failing that - any altruistic soul prepared to spend a bit more time with me to sort it out?