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Educational Software Thread, Promethean on SmartBoard in Technical; Really quick and easy question here... does anyone know if there are any restrictions on running the Promethean software on ...
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    Promethean on SmartBoard

    Really quick and easy question here... does anyone know if there are any restrictions on running the Promethean software on a SmartBoard? I know you can do it, but is there anything that this solution won't allow you to do, or is it as fully featured as running smart software on the smartboard?


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    Technically, I don't see why it wouldn't work since a Smart board is basically a real big mouse BUT check the Ts&Cs of the Promethean - I know with Smart you're not permitted to use it with a competing board, so it is more than like that Promethean have a reciprocal restriction.

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    Before SMART changed their T&C's you could use their software on any board but now they only allow it to be used on their own boards. As they don't charge for the software I'd guess your not allowed to use it in any case, as Promethean do charge for the software I presume they wouldn't mind what its run on as long as you've got a legit copy.

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    If know that Version 3 of the softeware was the first version to work if the Promethean board isnt attached. Older versions require the board to be plugged in.

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    As far as I'm aware you're not allowed to use ActivStudio with a competing board - a warning message pops up if you try to. It works fine but it's not permitted under the license. It used to have a water mark on the flipchart when it didn't detect a board - can't remember if ver 3 still has this. Also the handwriting recognition doesn't work.

    However ActivInspire is the latest version of the software and there is a free download version that you can use with any board. There are some feature differences that are listed on the promethean website, but from using it I've never come across any major features missing.

    If you have other promethean products (voting pads etc) then you can upgrade to the full version of ActivInspire and use that legally with any board.

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