I have inherited a system that is extremely old. My task is to harvest our student data from the system so I can upgrade and have complete final scores for our present junior and senior classes. However, this is a system that has no history on the net. Presently, it is running on a 386 server running Novell 3.11 (). The previous caretaker left in a huff and didn't tell anyone else how the systems worked. He left no documentation, either.

It is called Exambase 2 and seems to be an old product of BTL and Edexcel. I'm looking for anyone in your organization that may remember this program and can steer me in a decent direction.

Yes . . . I'm panicked . . . that 386 is about to die any day now - and it has no back up (why did I take this job, again?). Must I beg? Okay, I'll grovel - I need any information I can get about this system. Perhaps you may know of a walled-up geek that still uses or recognizes the system.

Thanks for not laughing (at least to my face)