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Educational Software Thread, Moodle V's Sharepoint in Technical; G'day fellow tech heads. My first post here. What an awesome resource. I wish i had found this before today. ...
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    Moodle V's Sharepoint

    G'day fellow tech heads.

    My first post here. What an awesome resource. I wish i had found this before today.

    Ok. Coffee's down and pencils sharp please.

    My HT and the Principal have moved on the idea of getting a VLP into our school. There are quite a few available but the two that have been narrowed to include Moodle and Sharepoint. Yes, I know you already knew that from the title.

    So what is your opinion. Each need to be:
    • easy to use for student, teachers.
    • available from a students home via web
    • easy to administrate
    • stable with usage from <40 terminals at once.

    I am familiar with Moodle but have no knowledge of Sharepoint.

    Any information you can provide I would be very grateful of.

    Warm regards,


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    Welcome to edugeek.

    Well lets get one thing straight from the start - SharePoint isn't a VLE. If you want a VLE for SharePoint you need to be looking at SharePoint Learning Kit also known as SLK (SharePoint Learning Kit - Home) or SharePointLMS which is a feature you can buy and implement into your SharePoint sites.

    I use SharePoint as a management tool for my school, staff announcement, calanders, document sharing. The idea with SharePoint is to get rid of your shared area and make all the document available online. Also tag these documents so you can search for/the documents easily. You could create a pupil area that again has shared announcements, calander, documents, surveys, custom lists, pupil timetables. Another area you could have is a curriculum area where all the resources for pupils can go. Governors can have a collaboration area with the forums and you also get blogs and wikis. You have workflows...sharepoint is endless.

    When it comes to Moodle. Moodle is built to be more of an e-learning tool. It deliveries lessons and courses online with a framework of quizes, documents and grading system.

    If you ask me, there isn't SharePoint vs Moodle its SharePoint and Mooble.

    Here are a few links you might find helpful

    101 questions to ask yourself before implementing sharepoint in your school (its really on 76 ;-)
    My Slides from Learning Gateway Conference - Alex Pearce&#39;s Learning Gateway Blog - Learning Gateway UG

    Moodle webparts for SharePoint 2007
    SharePoint Moodle Web Parts - Alex Pearce: SharePoint Blog - SharePoint Blogs / SharePoint University


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