Hello All,

We have an issue with Adobe InDesign CS3 that's causing our poor librarian, who's meant to be creating our termly newsletter, to pull his hair out. It's running frustratingly slowly - just opening it up takes several minutes, importing text and images is painfully slow, and every now and then it just plain crashes. At first (a couple of months ago) I thought it would be something to do with the hardware, or maybe user error, but it doesn't seem to be. As it's the summer holidays now we're re-imaging the IT suites, so we have plenty of freshly-installed machines standing around. He's having the same issues on those, too, so it's not a hardware issue or some mangled software setting or some performance issue caused by a virus or some random bit of software he's installed.

I don't think it's disk I/O performance on the file server as he says he's tried loading the file locally off the machine and still gets the same issues. The machine in question is a couple of years old Dell, 2GB of RAM, Windows XP with all the latest updates (including the random one that came out this Tuesday), which should handle an InDesign file with a couple of A3 pages of text and pictures with no problem. This is just plain InDesign CS3, as it installs off the CD, with no updates or patches - as far as I know CS3 doesn't auto-download any patches, so this should be exactly the same version of InDesign as a year ago, when everything worked fine.

Potential issues:

- A Windows update that causes some conflict?
- An anti-virus update that causes come conflict? We use NOD32, which certainly up until now has been unobtrusive and problem-free.
- A corrupted file? Is any kind of executable code embedded in an InDesign file, could something be taking a long time to execute when the page re-renders?

I need to get the librarian to maybe try and create a new InDesign file from scratch, on the local harddisk, on a machine without antivirus installed and see if he still has issues. Otherwise, anybody any ideas?

David Hicks