Has anyone managed to get Success Maker to run on a Virtual Machine?

We have a virtual applications server, which runs all our network applications everything has worked fine apart from success maker it just wont work

Carried out a fresh install of success maker & Sysbase onto the virtual machine and that went ok, carried out the workstation install ok to the ODBC setup part.

ODBC found the VM's IP Address but when the database and source details are entered it comes back with "ODBC - Cannot connect to DSN 'SME' - Check your ODBC connection.

How Ever, A fresh install of success maker onto a Physical Machine (The VM's HOST) and deployed and worked fine with no problems.

Anyone else had this problem? is their a solution? or is there something we're missing

Success Maker Version: Enterprise 1.3

Any Help is appriciated


~posted on behalf of a colleague who is pulling his hair out right now~