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Educational Software Thread, zimbra v4 released in Technical; http://www.zimbra.com/community/downloads.html Features : http://www.zimbra.com/pdf/Zimbra%20C...ure%20List.pdf...
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    zimbra v4 released

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    Re: zimbra v4 released

    What's new in Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.0

    ZCS 4.0 Key Features

    ZCS 4.0 provides a wide variety of benefits to end-users and administrators. In addition to faster performance, new features in this edition include:

    * Zimbra Documents
    * Document sharing
    * Support for sharing information as simple HTML or as part of ZCS
    * Enhanced mobile support
    * Outlook delegated access
    * Shared address books
    * Auto-complete of addresses from the Global Address List
    * Advanced keyboard navigation
    * Extended functionality for the Zimbra Assistant
    * Expanded themes and skins
    * Support for virtual hosts
    * Support for large numbers of domains
    * Administrative visibility into users' distribution list memberships
    * Service provider tools for creating targeted advertising for ZCS users

    ZCS 4.0 also includes the following features supported in previous editions:

    * Browser-based client with search, shared calendar and mail that is integrated with contacts and calendar
    * Support for Microsoft Outlook: calendar, mail, contacts and offline mode
    * Support for mobile devices: Blackberry, Treo, etc
    * Support of Windows, Apple and Linux computers
    * Unified Messaging support that allows users to quickly launch calls, conference calls and to access voice mail from within the Zimbra Collaboration Suite
    * Zimlets technology for Web services integration with existing enterprise applications
    * Online move, backup and recovery of individual or a group of mailboxes
    * Integrated company-wide anti-spam and anti-virus
    * Easy integration with Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP directories
    * Native hierarchical storage management and clustering

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