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    Junior Librarian 3-making a fresh start

    Hi this may seem a dumb question but is there a quick way to remove ALL entries fron the Junior Libraraian 3 database, we need to make a completely clean start with it.

    Books were thrown out without being removed from the system and with the arrival of lots of new books the whole thing needs sorting.

    Basically I know *-all about library systems, I just need to sort the software as one of our poor TA has drawn the short straw for this.

    If all else fails then they will have to fork out the £250 for support from MLS-bound to moan about that!

    Thanks in advance.

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    You shouldn't need to wipe the system, although I have no used this program (only Alice and Oasis), It should feature a mode called something like "Stock take" in which you just scan all the books and it will spit out a report of all the records that weren't scanned back into and those will be your missing/removed resources.

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