Hi all

new to the forum which looks like a really great resource for all problems such as the one I am currently having.

I like the interactive content in Smart Notebook but not the presentation capabilities of it, so would like to extract the files into powerpoint.

I can do this by using the export function in Smart Notebook and can play the flash files (like the anagram and random worder picker flash files) without a problem.

The problem I am having is that whatever text I input into the flash - for instance the words into the anagram game, it will not save into the flash. This is the case whether I input the text into the game in notebook then export it or in powerpoint after exporting it.

Is this a deliberate ploy from Smart to stop people using their gallery content in Powerpoint or is this a problem that can be solved?

I would be very grateful for any help recieved as currently I have to retype information into the interactive content before every lesson which is ridiculously time consuming.