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Educational Software Thread, Encarta - what happens now? in Technical; You may know that Encarta has reached the status we refer to as "end of life" I was asked a ...
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    Encarta - what happens now?

    You may know that Encarta has reached the status we refer to as "end of life"

    I was asked a question by a school this morning about what the situation is for a school with Encarta on their School Agreement, and after I found the answer, I thought I'd share it more widely.

    It was our UK education licensing team that knew the answer (edulic@microsoft.com)

    Encarta has reached end of life, so there will unfortunately be no free download for customers. For every Encarta subscription licence in effect from April 09 or later under a CASA (Decode: Campus/School Agreement), one perpetual licence has been granted so that the software can be used permanently after the agreement expiration.

    Please see link below for more information:


    Hope that helps (and praying it doesn't raise more questions than answers!)

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