I installed Abacus Evolve I-Planner on XP SP2 machines as standalones some time ago. Then a few weeks ago I installed XP SP3. This week I discovered that Abacus Evolve planner has stopped working, with the following error:

I-Planner failed to connect to the Evolve Datastore. Please contact support, the application will now exit.

This error appears on page 26 of the Interactive Planner Installation Guide that came with the software. The guide says that the problem is caused by settings to the SQL server or a reinstall of the planner software.

I tried Resolution 2 on page 27 first, which involves stopping and starting the SQL Server for the software. Didn't fix the problem. So tried Resolution 1, even though I hadn't reinstalled the planner software. This worked. Steps as follows:

1. Insert the I-Planner software CD into the client machine (any year will do) holding down SHIFT key to prevent autorun. (If the CD does autorun just cancel it).
2. Double click My Computer.
3. Right click the CD drive and choose Explore.
4. Double click the ClientInstall folder
5. Double click the StandAloneReinstall.bat file

Takes under a minute to run.

To do this on all machines without putting the CD into each one, I have copied the whole CD to a mapped drive (UNC paths not supported so don't try and run the batch file by double clicking to it's copied location on the share). Then open the XP Start Menu, choose Run, and type the following into the Run box (replacing italics with your drive letter and folder name on the share):

drive letter:\foldername\ClientInstall\StandAloneReinstall.bat

Hope this helps someone who, like me, was a bit slow in updating XP!!