I have several machines in the school over the last week where streaming iplayer has a jerky video and I have not found a solution. Most of the machines in the school run without a problem but some just will not play fair.

I have checked and the audio is ok and the school has a 78 meg connection for downloads. I have disabled the hardware acceleration on the flash player and that does not fix it.

The machines have all the latest windows patches and have the latest flash, sockwave, quicktime etc installed. I have found that they dont have the latest windows media player installed.

I have had to install windows media player 11 and get the staff to download the video in wma format and that works ok.

Is anyone having the same problem?

Also is there a way to push out windows media player 11 out through wsus. I have authorised it but it does not get deployed.

Thanks for all your help.