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Educational Software Thread, Blender thoughts !! in Technical; I have SketchUp 7 package that works on CC3 here if anyone would likey....
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    I have SketchUp 7 package that works on CC3 here if anyone would likey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberNerd View Post
    Notwithstanding the software stealing, you'd be better securing your files (assuming windows is that insecure by default) than relying on security by obscurity. If you ban software that allows c: drive visibility, you could easily ban software which is actually insecure and allows it's files to be amended...
    In an ideal world we would but at the time we migrated to Windows XP virtually all our software was Windows 98 based and simply wouldn't run without doctoring permissions. Software that had it's own (or used the old windows 3.11 file manager) was in the minority so wasn't such a problem to refuse a couplf of apps but if we'd turned down every app that required write permissions at the time we wouldnt have had any software on our network apart from MS office!

    We're moving to Windows 7 soon which is inherently better able to deal with old programs that write to locations they shouldn't as it can redirect it on the fly. That plus App-V should mean we don't have to make compromises with file permisions again in future.

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