Hi All,

We're running Economatics Logicator 2004 v5 build 52 as obtained from:
Economatics Education: Logicator Technical Support
(we have a site license and put the upgrade in place when it was released).

For the most part it works fine - connects to control boxes with no problem and a number of the Softsystems "environments" work without issue. However, the Head of IT has tried to use the Disco Soft System and is having issues. On the analogue panel input/output A0 supposedly links to the soundcard's main out (i.e. what you hear when you play a track). A0 alternates between 0 and 3 % but no sound is being relayed.

It works on the HoD's Toshiba laptop with no problem but doesn't work for the students on the Acer Power F6s (Realtek sound card) - most frustrating. I've tried running it on the Acer Power F6s as an administrator, thinking something was possibly a problem with permissions but that didn't solve the problem.

Anybody else come across the problem? Anybody else got a fix?

Thanks in advance,