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Educational Software Thread, SSAT Data Enabler Toolkit in Technical; Does anyone have any more information about this package? All I can find is the page on the SSAT website ...
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    SSAT Data Enabler Toolkit

    Does anyone have any more information about this package?
    All I can find is the page on the SSAT website which doesn't say a lot about what sort of reports it can provide, or what inputs/models it uses for the predictions it generates, although there is also the OfSted bumf on the use of data which mentions it in a few paragraphs and explains that it gives answers you would prefer to recieve in certain cases.
    Is it worth investing in or am I as likely to be doing just as well already with FFT, SIMs & Excel?

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    Data Enabler Toolkit

    The toolkit is an online resource that is used in many secondary schools. The main feature is the Jesson templates that gives predictions across all key 'targrts' and most -177- subjects.
    It is a 50th percentile model based on KS2 data and compare this to outcomes at KS4. Students are in quintiles based on their KS2 scores and it is a very powerful tool in helping raise standards in schools. It is also a platform from where you can access Raise and FFT live.

    I would recomend that you contact Julia Quigley at the SSAT in Guilford and she ill send you the 'package' options. This can include a training event and then consultancy.

    Use of these templates has been a major part of my schools rise fron 15% - 74%.

    The benefit then from knowledge of Educational Outcomes online and National Challenge software further enhances the targetting of students to ensure you maximise their potential.

    Hope this helps

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