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Educational Software Thread, Digital Blue Movie Maker 2.0 in Technical; sorry its off topic but the name of the software makes me chuckle...
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    sorry its off topic but the name of the software makes me chuckle

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    any one got an iso of the 3.01 software that could be made available to me i have just bought 16 camras delivered today and they all have version 3.00 I could scream, wouldn't normall ask like this but need to get them installed by en of the week and can't wait for digiblue to send me the cd thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Ben View Post
    Version 2 is awful software and not worth you spending your time on. Pick up another camera (£89) and use version 3.

    You can point the Network install to a share and it will create a folder for each user within it. Not fantastic, but a big step up from previous incarnations.

    Version 3 is also network licensed, version2 is not!

    Version 3 has certified PNP drivers for all versions of the cameras, version 2 does not if i remember correctly
    v2.1 had certified drivers

    older versions i either had to connect a camera to every usb port on every pc or give local admin rights.

    i hate the fact newer versions of the software dont seem able to handle old cameras how hard would it be for them to add drivers for older cameras as i have some schools where they hace all 3 versions of the camera its a nightmare they keep swapping the cameras round

    ive not even looked at moving the videos off the c drive but i will have a look at that vbs posted at some point


    digital blue movie creater hmm good name for a kids program

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