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    Request for input: Information teachers need to make good choices

    We are running a project for Becta looking at the information teachers need in order to work out whether a Digital Learning Resource (DLR) would be appropriate to support their teaching.

    We have some suggestions and thoughts about what this information might be and some initial considerations of how it might be presented. The online survey is at the link below. We would be most grateful if you could find time to contribute. We are interested in the views from educational technologists (teachers and ICT support staff) who have experience of supporting teachers with the selection process.

    DLR User Requirements

    We will recognize contributions with a £5 Amazon token to the first 75 respondents (the site will close after that, and by 25th March latest in any event). Thank you!

    John Winkley

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    While the survey looks good I notice it is targetted purely at teachers. I'd want to see a similar survey targetted at technical support staff, as these are the people who have to actually implement any resources which teachers request.

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    I agree with jamesB, but mostly if companies would allow trial periods or CDs on approval then it would be much better as staff can actually get a feel for the quality of the program rather than the quality of the marketing. It also allows us to actually test the software and make sure it will install at all.

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