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Educational Software Thread, Philip Harris e.log vision datalogger software in Technical; Hi Has anyone managed to get a Philip Harris E.logII datalogger to talk to an Ohaus Scout pro balance - ...
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    Philip Harris e.log vision datalogger software

    Has anyone managed to get a Philip Harris E.logII datalogger to talk to an Ohaus Scout pro balance - or am I the only schmuck who bought all the kit (advertised to work together) only to find it doesnt work?
    I'm using ver 1.1 of the e.log Vision software - this could be the problem... ?

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    No you are not alone we have same issue, We have a new science tech who is an ex teacher and is taking this a a challenge to sort so has been spending time on phone with tech support and former work place. I will see if he has it sorted yet (last spoke to him before christmas) if he has it sorted i will post solution here.

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    Not sure about the datalogger but welcome to the forums anyhow. I hope that someone has the answers that you are looking for but the forums are a little quieter on the weekends so it may take a couple of days to get a more informative answer.

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    Don't get me started on Phillip Harris Data Loggers or their software.
    We waited OVER A YEAR for the correct connectors to turn up for our science dept & after wasting time trying to get the data loggers to work, two out of the 5 - which were BRAND SPANKING NEW were actually faulty.
    The software when working is great but make sure you run it on a good system as just check the CPU level when it's running - 100% all the way I'm afraid. Oh yes thats after you have installed it and got a few error messages on the way stating it can't register a few OCX's
    In the end the Science dept got so fed up with the level of [ sorry lack of ] support from Phillip Harris a rep turned up and put everything right but to me that should not have had to happen.
    As for your data loggers - have you up-dated the firmware level on them as I found as soon as I did this on the working ones they performed better.

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    Anyone manageg to get these working with Windows 7 and can point me in the direction of the location to get the Software/drivers?

    Spent absolutely ages trying to get somewhere over summer and had to give up as other more important things were pressing.

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