Hi everyone, we have a small installation on 6 standalone PCs of RM SuccessMaker v5.1.1 and the hard drive has failed on one of the them...

The software was installed originally by a teacher long since departed and no-one has any information on how it is configured. I can't find any documentation apart from a licence number, and the only installation media I can find is an RM-branded floppy disk for Apple Quicktime, a floppy for an install key, and a CD labelled "RM SuccessMaker Management System and Installer".

I have a set of 6 folders with the SuccessMaker course CDs (Maths Concepts, Reading Foundations etc)

I've started to install the SuccessMaker Management System and Installer CD, it then requested some course CDs, which I provided, then it asked for this "SuccessMaker Basics".

According to another thread this is an important CD and no-one has any idea of its whereabouts so I'm kind of stuck...

Would anyone be so kind as to upload an ISO of their SuccessMaker v5.1.1 Basics CD so I can get this job done and dusted?

Thanks in anticipation