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Educational Software Thread, Lesson Planning in Technical; Do any of you use or know of any Lesson Planning software for teachers. I've been asked to find out ...
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    Question Lesson Planning

    Do any of you use or know of any Lesson Planning software for teachers. I've been asked to find out about such a thing with a view to getting rid of the teachers planners. With registers, assesment etc... all being done on SIMS this it seems that more and more elements of the teachers planner are not being used.

    I had a look around google but there seems quite a few, just after some recommendations if possible.


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    I've used TPIM but this is an electronic version of a teacher's planner. It has a good electronic register (but useless for many people who use SIMS etc), seating planning section etc.

    The lesson planning section is ok too but I just found it easier to work on paper with online addons like delicious. I don't write detailed lesson plans (if I'm honest I don't write much down at all!) so much of the functionality passed me by.

    I also know of people who plan in Google calendar and other online equivalents. I tried that too and still prefer paper. Using technology isn't always better than tried and trusted methods!
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    I can't find the link to it, but the Language College co-ordinator uses something called teachers tookbox (might be toolkit).

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    Capita offer an optional extra to SIMS which is a curriculum planner, that can be used to store individual lesson plans and associated attached files. However after I saw I demo I knew its not right for us, but you might want to check it out.

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