Its expensive but uniquely engaging, semi-intelligent, broad and deep - question is - whats it like to use in a classroom environment, with primary aged children and are the teacher and admin tools up to scratch? I love the idea of everyone using it at home too but is it worth all that money?

My school offer 6 or 7 Modern Foreign Languages from Y1 to Y8 plus EAL English and need something to boost or push individuals in mixed groups with beginners and fluent native speakers bundled in together. So we're trying out a demo of the web subscription of Rosetta Stone.

Is this do-able in an ICT suite? The voice recognition either seems too sensitive to background noise or too insensitive letting children say the wrong thing. Do I just need a quieter room or better headset mics?

Whats the youngest children other schools are successfully using this with? The interface is semi intuative but children seem to need lots of help (presumably non langauge gifted supervision will do and this bed down over time?).

Does anyone have experience of using the admin interface or pass on opinions from their MFL teachers about how that get on managing children on the system. Much appreciated.