Hi all,

I have a strange problem with one of the staff members using ActivStudio 3.7

She is a French teacher so uses the function of inserting letters with accents on regularly which has never been a problem until yesterday. The problem is that when typing in a text box and she clicks a letter with a accent on in the "Text Edit Toolbox" the accented letter is added but the cursor jumps back to one charter from the beginning of the text box instead of remaining at the end of the line. The second time she clicks a accented letter the cursor will jump back 2 places from the beginning of the text box and so on (I have tested this up to adding 6 accented characters). The cursor always remained at the end of the line before yesterday so I'm unsure what she has changed to do this.

One thing I have found is that it's related to the user not the computer as I can login to the computer and the cursor behaves normally when adding accented letters

Hope this makes sense to someone!