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Educational Software Thread, Problems on Education City in Technical; hello one of our schools use a program called Education City its a web based program and works fine on ...
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    Problems on Education City

    one of our schools use a program called Education City
    its a web based program and works fine on most PC's
    on some we get a "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error - R6025- pure virtual function call"
    any help in solving this would be gratefully received

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    Given that education city is pretty much pure flash via the browser I would check some of the folllowing:

    1. Latest flash version tested and works
    2. Your anti-virus hasn't done a number of core system files (seems to be an issue around at the moment)

    I'd also look for any commonalities between the computers that are failing.. I had one batch of computers that I created a RIS for using nlite and a few other tools.. It borked the winXP install enough to cause problems with a few flash programs so well worth narrowing it down.

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    Can't help you with your errors but the guys at education city are extremely helpful.

    One of my users sent me a link and told me it wasn't working but was the day before. I tried it on several of our sites and couldn't get it to work myself.

    Phoned education city, within 30 minutes it was sorted. Their guys were on the phone asking me to try things out after everything checked out fine at their end.

    I eventually sent him the link I'd been given, he hadn't seen it before then setup the single login url for us to use.

    Really helpful, know if there' every a problem again they are more than willing to help.

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